SupInfoGame is a french game design and project management school in Valenciennes, France.

Since 2002, SupInfoGame gained an excellent reputation in France and abroad and almost every student from past promotions found a job in the gaming industry.

Little Jurassic People is a final year student project being developed at SupInfoGame on a nine months schedule and without any financial means. The game is made by a six member core team and many external contributors who are kind enough to lend us a hand.

Little Jurassic People was elected for development for several reasons :
  • A working MMOG prototype in just nine months. Talk about a challenge...
  • Web-based, mainstream, 3D MMOG : it just fits within the industry future trends
  • To approach this traditionally hardcore genre in new ways and bring it to a larger audience
  • To experience the economics and social questioning tied to this particular gaming genre ...and bring some solutions!